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Backing Up Your Data in Windows 7 | A How to Guide

With the recent Ransom-ware attacks, You are probably thinking, how do I prevent losing valuable data in the future ? Especially if you are a business owner or sole trader, An attack like that could cost you your business. Everybody always talks about back-ups and securing copies of your data, our aim at Wellington PC is not to only, do work for you, but to educate you on how to fix problems yourself and become more tech savvy.

We will show you how to create a backup of your data in Windows 7 in a few easy steps. Bear in mind, back-ups when running for the first time take a significant amount of time, sometimes it is best to leave your computer running overnight to complete this process.

What you will need:

- An external hard drive or large storage device (usually good to have one around the size of your computers hard drive.

- This guide supplied to you free Courtesy of Wellington PC

Step 1

First you need to click on the start menu in the bottom left hand side of your computer. Then select control panel.

Step 2

Next you will choose the backup and restore option. (NOTE! If this option is not showing select the view by menu in the top right hand side of the window and select small Icons.)

How to make a backup, Wellington PC, Wellington Computer Repairs

Step 3

Select set up a Backup. Windows will pop up with a window saying Starting Windows Back Up Please Wait.

Step 4

Windows will ask you to choose a location for your back up. This is where you will need to plug in your external hard drive to backup to or select your network location of your back up NAS (Advanced). My External hard drive is named Apollo so I will select that one.

Step 5

Windows will ask you to select between two options, one is Let windows choose what to back up the other is choose yourself.

It is important to note if you choose to make your own back up selection you will need to make sure you include your emails as well as all other files you want to keep. It is easiest to do this at a folder level.

Step 6

Windows will ask you to review your options, Make sure all the folders you want to backup are selected, then click save settings and run backup.

Windows will do the rest for you.

Step 7

Once your backup is successfully underway, It is a good idea to create a backup schedule so you no longer have to backup manually as long as your hard drive is plugged in you can do this by selecting Turn On Schedule

Scheduling a Backup Windows 7 Wellington PC Computer and Laptop Repairs

This will create a scheduled time for your computer to backup, we recommend doing this weekly to avoid any significant data loss.

If you require any help in undertaking the backup process please do not hesitate to call us, our friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Wellington PC are on hand to offer support and advice. We can also do backups for you if you require it or do not feel confident doing this yourself.

If you need help or advice you can also contact us by clicking here

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