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How do you know if your Laptop Screen needs replacing?

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A dying, cracked, dead, or smashed laptop screen does not mean that your laptop has become a paperweight. If your laptop screen is completely dead, it could be multiple issues non screen related instead of screen related.

A lot of people have come to the opinion or misconception also that screen replacement is very expensive which is not the case. With 90% of screen being manufactured in China, the cost of screens has dropped significantly in the last decade, meaning better deals for the consumer, A laptop with a common screen that needs replacement usually starts at $130 New Zealand dollars depending on your provider.

There are however some things you should check before replacing your Laptop screen if you believe it to be dead and these are:

1. Does your laptop work on an external display ?

Most laptops now have an external VGA connection or HDMI connection which you can use to ensure the

graphics card on the motherboard is not at the end of it's life. You should firstly try and connect your Laptop to an external display to see if you have any graphics output.

If this fails it could be a sign your graphics card has packed up*. This can be a costly repair and sometimes even not achievable due to spare parts availability. Do not fret however, we can assess your Laptop free of charge with our No Fix No Fee Guarantee and let you know the exact issue and what the repair cost will be.

*Some laptops use a keyboard combination to activate external

screens called function keys like those pictured to the right. You may have need to use these to activate your external monitor.

2. If you can find your Laptop's lid switch, it is a good idea to have a look and see if anything around this is broken, dirty, dusty or stuck. Freeing up such a switch can sometimes be all it takes to get your screen working again. Most new machines use a magnetic system which has proven to be far more resilient and survive a lot longer than their counterparts. These however do not mean they are not prone to issues. Most Laptops have a very obvious indicator that the lid switch is not functioning and that is all the lights will be on the computer but nothing happens when you press the power button. Another good give away is the computer passes POST (Power-On Self Test) then turns off again.

These issues are relatively easy to solve yourself however if you are not very computer Savvy or DIY we are always happy to help you out with undertaking the necessary repairs on your device.

Failing the two options above (don't try with these if your screen is obviously cracked or smashed). You may need a new LCD screen for your laptop. It is always important to shop around and make sure you are getting a good deal but to also ensure that you will get a warranty on any work undertaken to repair your laptop and how long that warranty will last. A good repair technician will give you a minimum or 6 Months warranty on any repairs (excluding accidental damage).

It is also important to know just how long a repair will take and when you will be back to surfing the internet, doing your assignments, working or just playing your favourite games. Some places take a lot longer than others to undertake repairs and this can be frustrating when you have an assignment due and your laptop has decided to give up the ghost.

At Wellington PC, we take a very customer focused approach to undertaking your Laptop Screen Repairs. Along with our No Fix No Fee Guarantee, we can also assess your laptop and quote for any repairs required free of charge so you can decide whether or not the required repairs are economical or not to get done. We can also recover that document or set of documents that you need to work on urgently whilst any repairs are being undertaken. We can also undertake most repairs with same day service.

We aim to have all Laptop LCD Screen Repairs and replacements completed and returned within 24 hours and we carry a range of Laptop LCD screens in stock for on-the-spot repairs of your Laptop.

If you need your Laptop Screen replaced, tested, or any other work done feel free to give us a call today or you can enquire online.

We always have friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians on hand to give free advice, and help you with any queries you may have.

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