• Mike Clifford

Urgent Security Notice | Ransomware Wanna Cry Infects hundreds of thousands of Computers Globally

As you may have seen in the news over the last few days, a cyber security attack has been taking place globally. You can see the Radio Live article here This Ransomware nicknamed Wannacry also known as Wannacryptor is a serious threat, it is designed to encrypt your computers files and make you pay to have your data released back to you hence how nasty viruses like this get the name Ransomware.

This particularly nasty Ransomware is charging $300 ($430NZD) in bitcoin to release your files back to you. It also suggests to offer an even nastier way of having your files released back, this is by asking you to infect two other people. The interesting thing about this part is nowhere in the code does it monitor who you infect and unless this is done on the server side (highly unlikely) it effectively wants you to infect two people and still will not unlock your files.

So how do you protect yourself from losing your precious data ?

- Ensure all your important files are backed up.

- Ensure your backup is functioning (try to test this by restoring a file from it)

- Do not open any emails or attachments that are suspicious or from unknown senders.

- Ensure your antivirus and anti-malware updates are all enabled and up to date.

- Run a full system (Windows or Mac OSX) update to ensure all security measures are taken to best protect yourself.

- Ensure your email filters and firewall settings are all functioning properly.

- Make sure your router is secured and not on the standard "out of the box" settings it came with.

If you need any help undertake any of these tasks give us a call today or book a technician online.

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