Wellington Computer  and Laptop Repairs 

Is your computer or Laptop broken? Won't turn on? Not doing the things it use to? Keep seeing blue screens? Is it feeling really hot or getting too hot ?

Computer and Laptop Repairs

When your Computer or Laptop is not running we have the latest technology on hand to test and diagnose your Computer and Laptop issues and repair them in a timely matter as well as give you an comprehensive quote of what the repair is going to cost. 

No Fix No Fee

Sometimes it can be uneconomical to repair your Computer or Laptop, We will advise you of this before we undertake any repairs. We can also supply or help you choose a new Laptop or Computer that will be reliable, fast and run the latest operating systems to ensure your personal details and files are safe. We can also usually recover the data from your old computer like photos, music, family videos. If you choose not to go ahead with repairing your device we do not charge if there was no call out.

Hard Drive Recovery

If you have been using an external hard drive and it has stopped connecting or your Computer or Laptop has lost data we can usually get this back for you too. Often with external hard drives it is the case the hard drive is in, as opposed to the hard drive itself that has failed. 

Computer and Laptop Failures

Often we find when repairing computers and laptops, that it is usually an overheating issue due to a build up of dust. Often this can be fixed by safely cleaning the dust out of the computer or laptop and reapplying thermal paste to the heat sink on the processor.

Power On Issues

Another common issue we see in Desktop Computer's is where people have done upgrades themselves and not taken into account the current draw from the power supply leading to the power supply to fail or the computer not to start up.

We offer a no fix no fee basis to assess and fault find your Laptop or Computer. We can also supply a comprehensive quote to repair or replace your computer.


Dust is the biggest killer of Computers and Laptops. Keeping your computer clean will help ensure longevity of your investment and ensure it lasts a lot longer. Dust can often clog the systems the computer uses to cool itself efficiently and can damage components leading to costly repair bills.

We can clean and add dust filters to your computer to prevent costly repair bills later.


Feel free to contact us here for more information.

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